Frequently asked questions

We have an FAQ list that we hope will help


Select the desired product from the menu and the respective range will be displayed to you.

In order to further examine the product you are interested in click on the product image. Now you see the larger image of the desired product with the price and additional information. In the product view, you can see the button “Add to shopping bag” and if you want to buy a product, click on it and your choice is added to the shopping cart. At the top of the browser you will see how many products you have already added to the shopping cart and from there you can access the contents of your shopping cart.


Please note that due to the unique and often handmade nature of some design objects, delivery can take anywhere between 3 and 8 weeks — you can check the expected delivery date of your items under the product description on the product page.


IDhome is responsible for all inconsistencies and defects, which appear in 2 years time (for physical persons) and is responsible for reimbursements of the costs.

The Client has the right to claim a refund within 2 years starting from the moment of product acceptance.

IDhome is not responsible for:

  • Damage or degradation of the product caused by the Client.
  • Defects caused by inappropriate use of the product.
  • Normal physical wearing caused by the normal usage.

Should the product be defective or not meet the reqirements, the Client has the right to demand the product to be replaced with the product meeting the requirements and free of defects, or revoke the order and return the product not meeting the requirements to IDhome.


You can pay for the goods in three different ways:

  • Payment with a bank link. We have entered into an agreement with the Estonian major banks ( Swedbank), so that you can conveniently pay for your order. Choose “Bank link” If you want to pay through the bank link. Below you will see a selection of the links to various banks. Choose the link of your home bank and you will be directed to pay. If the payment is successful the bank will display the message “Return to the merchant”. Having clicked on this link, information of successful payment reaches our e-shop. We will notify you by e-mail of a successful submission of an order. Paying by bank link will allow us to process your order the most speedily.


  • Payment on the basis of an invoice. If you are not a client of the aforementioned banks or for any other reason, you do not want to use the bank link we will allow you to pay for the purchase on the basis of an advance payment invoice. Select a payment method “Invoice” and invoice will be sent to your e-mail address. We will start processing your order as soon as your order has been paid for. If the payment does not reach us within 3 working days, unfortunately we have to cancel the order, but always wait for you to come back!


  • Payment by PayPal


  • ESTO 3


  • ESTO hide-purchase


  • Bolt Pay Later


The consumer has the right to notify the seller of their wish to withdraw from the contract within 14 (fourteen) days of receiving the goods or placing an order, if the goods have not yet reached the consumer and by requesting the refund of the full amount paid. Purchased goods cannot be returned if the goods ordered were manufactured according to the consumer’s personal needs. Returned goods must not be used and must be in their original packaging.

The direct cost of returning the goods shall be borne by the consumer. The buyer must return the goods within 14 (fourteen) after the submission of the application, or provide proof that they have transferred the goods to the carrier within this period.

In the event of the deterioration of the returned goods, the consumer shall be liable for the reduction in the value of the goods due to usage only if they have used the goods in any way other than that which is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. In order to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods, the consumer should only handle and use the goods in the same manner as they would customarily be allowed to do in a shop.


To return the goods, send an e-mail to . The message must include the following information: the item to be returned, the order number, and the bank account where the money will be returned to. The amount paid for the goods will be returned to the buyer’s bank account no later than 14 (fourteen) after receipt of the application for withdrawal. If the seller has not received the returned goods within this time limit, the seller shall be entitled to delay the refund until the receipt of the returned goods.