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Picking outdoor furniture

Most people buy patio furniture based on the way it looks. And that is an important factor. But in order to find furniture you’ll be happy with, we think it’s important to take a few other things into consideration. How much space do you have? An apartment deck calls for something entirely different than what you’d use on a capacious concrete patio. What type of furniture will harmonize with both the exterior and the interior of your home? And how much maintenance are you willing to do to keep your furniture looking good? We go into greater detail on these and other topics in our How to pick patio furniture section (where we walk you through what to consider when buying outdoor furniture—even if our picks aren’t to your taste or are unavailable). Whether you want to splurge on a high-end teak dining set or invest in lounge chairs and sofas, we’ll provide guidelines for how to choose the best patio furniture for your outdoor space—with a focus on durability and design.

Consider the layout

To find furniture with the right proportions and shapes, visualize how you want your outdoor area to look—as you’d do with any interior room.

Patio surface

To avoid bothersome (or even dangerous) setups, think about your furniture’s feet and material, as well as the surface everything will sit on.

Seating capacity

Decide how many people will be regularly using the furniture and what your space can fit. Benches are great for providing flexible seating.

Pick an outdoor furniture style

Consider contrasting materials—like metal furniture on a wood deck—and colors or shapes that draw from your indoor decor.

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