These sale conditions apply for purchases of goods and services from online store between the buyer as a private person (hereinafter referred to as: ‘the consumer’) and the administrator of the online store IDhome OÜ; located in Bensiini 5, Tallinn, Estonia; (hereinafter referred to as ‘the online store’).

  1. Only items with the link ‘Add to cart’ can be bought from the online store. The price and availability of the goods are subject to change without notice. If the buyer has placed an order before the relevant terms are changed, the buyer shall be bound by the terms of the contract at the time of the order. IDhome has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded through the online store without penalty and not to deliver the ordered goods or to provide the service if the goods are out of stock, or if the price or characteristics of the goods are displayed incorrectly due to a system error. If the online store cannot fulfill the order, the buyer will be contacted and the amount paid will be refunded.
  2. The shopping cart page allows the customer to change its contents. After entering the shipping address and confirming the order, the contents of the shopping cart can no longer be changed and the shopping cart will be emptied of products. If you cancel your order after the order has been placed, the goods must be re-selected in the shopping cart. Once the order and contact details have been properly filled in, you may continue with the payment.
  3. In the online store you can pay for the selected goods via the e-bank links of the following banks: Swedbank , SEB, COOP Pank, Citadele, REVOLUT and LHV. You can also make a payment by credit card, wire transfer, or hire purchase. The transfer shall include the invoice number on which the transfer is based. All transactions made in the IDhome online store are settled in euros and include 20% VAT.
  4. If the order is not paid within 3 (three) business days of placing the order, the IDhome online store has the right to cancel the order.
  5. Once you have added the item to the shopping cart you may continue browsing for other items or place an order. After you pay for the goods (by bank transfer), you will see an order confirmation on the screen.
  6. Orders placed in the online store will be processed on the same day as the seller’s bank account receives the payment for the order.
  7. The goods will be delivered to the delivery address entered in the order at the agreed time, according to the availability of the goods. The goods are only delivered to the buyer of the goods. The goods are transferred to a third party only with the agreement of the buyer.
  8. The consumer has the right to notify the seller of their wish to withdraw from the contract within 14 (fourteen) days of receiving the goods or placing an order, if the goods have not yet reached the consumer and by requesting the refund of the full amount paid. Purchased goods cannot be returned if the goods ordered were manufactured according to the consumer’s personal needs. Returned goods must not be used and must be in their original packaging.

The direct cost of returning the goods shall be borne by the consumer. The buyer must return the goods within 14 (fourteen) after the submission of the application, or provide proof that they have transferred the goods to the carrier within this period.

In the event of the deterioration of the returned goods, the consumer shall be liable for the reduction in the value of the goods due to usage only if they have used the goods in any way other than that which is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. In order to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods, the consumer should only handle and use the goods in the same manner as they would customarily be allowed to do in a shop.

  1. To return the goods, send an e-mail to The message must include the following information: the item to be returned, the order number, and the bank account where the money will be returned to. The amount paid for the goods will be returned to the buyer’s bank account immediately, but no later than 14 (fourteen) after receipt of the application for withdrawal. If the seller has not received the returned goods within this time limit, the seller shall be entitled to delay the refund until the receipt of the returned goods.
  2. The buyer has the right to file a complaint and return the goods in the case of non-compliance goods which do not conform to the offered model or are defective. In the case of defective goods, the consumer shall have a right to submit a complaint to the seller within two years from the date of delivery. In the event of a defect, the burden of proof of the defect rests with the seller for the first six months, and with the consumer for the remaining 1.5 (one and half) years. Complaints must be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than 2 (two) months after the discovery of the defectiveness of the goods. In order to facilitate the settlement of later complaints, the consumer shall retain any purchase documents (invoice, contract, etc.) proving that the goods have been bought from the IDhome online store. If the buyer fails to provide proof of purchase, the seller / service provider may decline to settle the problem.

The IDhome online store will respond to the complaint within 15 (fifteen) days.

  1. Processing of personal data
    11.1 IDhome OÜ (registry code 14874375) is responsible for the processing of personal data at online store. IDhome OÜ transmits all personal data which are necessary for making payments to the data processor.
    11.2 Upon entering data into the online store and confirming, the consumer grants us the right to collect and process the consumer’s personal data (name, phone number, delivery and/or home address, e-mail address) and forward these to our logistics partner for delivery.
    11.3 The online store has the right to use the consumer’s address to send marketing and other information to the consumer.
    11.4 The consumer has the right to prohibit the collection and use of their personal data, except where it is necessary for the recovery of a claim arising from the contract or delivery of goods.
    11.5 Electronic personal data shall only be used for direct mailing if the consumer has consented to this separately at online store.
    11.6. The security of the consumer’s personal bank details when paying for orders is ensured through encrypted data communication with banks and such details are not accessible to the online store.
  2. Complaints about goods or services purchased through the online store must be forwarded to: IDhome OÜ, Bensiini 5, Tallinn or e-mail: . The goods can also be returned to the abovementioned address.
  3. In the case of defective goods, the consumer shall be entitled to the following:
    1) First, demand that the goods be repaired free of charge or replaced with new goods.
    2) Demand a reduction of the purchase price or withdrawal from the contract if: the online store cannot repair or replace the goods, the repair fails, the online store has not remedied the defect within a reasonable time, the repair or replacement causes undue inconvenience to the consumer.

The online store shall not be liable for defective goods caused by the improper use, maintenance or damage of the goods. Information about the order: at +372 56003800 or e-mail

  1. Consumer’s right to appeal to the Consumer Disputes Committee

If the online store has refused to resolve the consumer’s complaint or if the consumer does not accept the solution offered by the online store and believes that the their rights or interests have been damaged, the consumer may submit a complaint to the Consumer Disputes Committee through the Estonian Consumer Protection Board or to a court. The Consumer may submit the complaint personally or through a representative. The Consumer Disputes Committee contact data are:

Address: Rahukohtu 2, 10130 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone number: +372 6201707

The European Union’s online dispute resolution platform is available at the website: On this platform, the consumer can submit a complaint for both cross-border and domestic transactions. In particular, the online complaint submitting platform is intended to solve cross-border disputes, making it easier for the consumer to find a suitable out-of-court settlement scheme for a specific dispute in the member state of the trader.