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2-3 seater sofas: which one to choose?

One of the biggest decisions you make when you’re buying 2-3 seater sofas is size. Because in this case, size really does matter! And we’re not just talking room size. You need to make sure sofa is roomy enough for whoever will be using it.

Sofa sizes

In most cases, a 2-seater sofa will be classed as ‘medium’ and a 3-seater as ‘large’. Think about who will be using the sofa. For example, if you’re a family of five, there may be armchairs in the room already allocated to adults. The sofa might be intended for the children.

Although children could easily fit on a 2-seater today, they will grow into adults. So, you may be wise to invest into a larger, 3-seater sofa now.

Another example is the ‘urban couple’, living in an apartment where space comes at a premium. In this case, a small 2-seater might be more practical.

Sofa style and design

Sometimes, a 3-seater sofa may over-dominate a room due to being surrounded by too many other furniture items. But if the number of seats is a top priority for you and your family. It may be prudent to clear the room and make way for your new sofa!

Before you choose between two or three seats, look at the sofa design. The style will help you to determine whether it will look right.

If it’s a corner or chaise style, then consider how this might look alongside existing armchairs. Or how space will be divided within the room. If your living room isn’t square, then sofa may inevitably split the space into zones.




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